The Fully Loaded web site for 1900 Peso includes a Top Level Domain Registration in your name and a web site custom designed and developed for your business.

For an annual 1900 Philippine Peso or $45 USD
You will receive:
  • Registered "real" dot COM in your business name
  • 1,000 words of text
  • 4 graphics or photos
  • International Web Site hosting from a major ISP
  • You will own license and right to all your content
PLUS our guarantee of 100% honesty.

Economical larger plans available.
In 2005 - 2014 and beyond businesses are finding that the demand for quality products and services at lower and more competitive prices is becoming stronger. Instant communication with cellular phone, texting, email, and Internet web sites makes for a world where the con artist and dishonest business has a hard time. Consumers can check out the places they plan to spend their money with in many ways. In 1995 it was considered acceptable for a business to be gone from the Internet. That is no longer true. Honest businesses are expected to publicly present themselves for review to the world via an Internet web site. A well-developed and designed plan to fully present a business to the public is a requirement for business to succeed.

For an annual payment of 1900 Peso or $45 USD any reputable business can now own their own Top-Level Internet Domain name through International registration. A custom designed and developed Internet web site can be presented to your current and future clients and customers. Suppliers of products and services to your business will also be able to locate you on the Internet and determine if their services can help your business.

The Internet web page and web site designers and developers that work with the group has straightforward, honesty, and concern about helping your business succeed. They will register your dot COM Internet address in your name and build an Internet web site that you will be proud of. Most important is that the web site will firmly establish your business in the modern age. Your current clients will not leave you because someone else has attempted to take them away. Modern shoppers that are using the Internet to evaluate businesses to spend their money with will find your Internet site and give your business consideration.
Please contact us at our email address sales
text +(63) 919 308-2934  for details.

This web site is a combined effort of several of Philippine's top Internet web site designers and developers to provide low cost, high quality, and affordable Internet services to businesses that would not otherwise be able to the modern Internet world. The program is based on a plan presented by a USA web designer living in the Philippines, retired after 25+ years of Internet work. The program is designed to allow expansion of Philippine talents, skills, services, products, and ideals throughout the Philippines and the whole world. These are the "original people" working together to serve you with decades of talent.

If you are, or know of, an Internet web site designer and developer that has not yet joined our group please contact us about free membership in exchange for a pledge of honesty.

This offer is the result of several of the "World's Best" Internet Service Providers working together to provide an unparalleled service to the professionals and businesses of the Philippines and the whole world.
The goal is to "break the poverty cycle" in this generation.
"Education IS the KEY!"

While all the organizations participating in the 1900 Philippine Peso Web Site Promotion share the common goal of increasing the economy
and providing greater opportunities for employment. Individual groups can, and sometimes do, differ in their approaches to specific issues.
The goal of keeping our best youth employed while providing the best quality web sites to clients is common to all.